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Leggings are the most comfortable clothes you can wear, you can't go to the gym without them, and they can be a fashion discussion. But what if I told you that leggings could be your secret tool that makes you look great everywhere? It's real! These bottoms can be worn for workouts, the office, or anything else you can think of with a few smart styling tips.

Easy-To-Wear Athletic Wear

Athleisure is a standard style to start with. You can pair a top thong leggings because they look like a match made in heaven. You can use this outfit for doing your everyday chores and hitting the gym. Cosmolle has a great variety in solid and print colors that you can try out and the below-mentioned one is one of them. It also comes with a wide elastic band for a better support. In addition, you can add a denim jacket on the top for a cool look. Sneakers are a must-have here because they keep things comfortable and useful.

Simple Style

It's surprising that leggings can also look dressy. It's important to make sure the outline is balanced. Put on a longer tunic or a sweater that is too big on you with your pants. For instance, the flared leggings by Cosmolle can be worn with blazers for a formal look. This makes the look more put-together and keeps the shape from being too revealing. Ankle boots or flats make the outfit look more put-together, and a necklace or scarf that makes a statement can take it to the next level.


For the Workplace

You won't believe it, but pants can even be worn to work. Choose solid-color pants that are opaque and have a high waist, like black or navy. When worn over leggings, a long blouse or dress makes the outfit look professional while still being comfy. With Cosmolle, these leggings with different cutouts is perfect for creating a semi-formal look if you wear it with a long blazer. With shoes or a 3d printed bra, a blazer adds polish to the look. Make sure to check the dress code at your workplace for special rules.

Putting on Layers for Every Season

Leggings are great for any season because they are easy to layer. Wear a chunky knit sweater or a long cardigan over your pants when it gets cooler outside. For safety and style, wear them with knee-high boots. For instance, these leggings by Cosmolle can be used with tunic or a sports bra, and you can wear a trench coat on the top. During the summer, you can wear a tunic top or a flowy maxi dress over tights for a breeze and comfort.

Style for Summer with Leggings

You might be surprised to find that leggings and activewear sets are also cool and relaxing in the summer. You need to go for airy and lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and nylon. The good thing is that Cosmolle has used these fabrics. To pair this, you can use a tunic top because it’s a comfortable look for summer season.


Do not forget how powerful accessories can be! A bold belt can make your waist look smaller and give you a little extra style. The easiest option is a long chain but a pair of earrings is also welcome – they will surely help you make a statement. In addition, you should experiment with different types of shoes, such as flats, boots, and sneakers.


  1. Flared legging nya sukaaa deh 😍😍. Aku tuh kalo workout di rumah lebih sukanya celana pendek. Tapi kalo di gym, mau ga mau legging, bisa dilarang suami kalo celana pendek hahahaha

    Memang comfortable sih yaa pake ini. Even pas winter, lbh nyaman pake yg ketat membungkus tubuh biar anget. Makanya leggingku kebanyakan buat winter memang. Yg utk olahraga beberapa doang

    1. hi..hi... iya sama kalo di rumah celana pendek aja. pas keluar baru pk legging sama celana pendek atau rok olga di luarnya, pahaku gedaaa soalnya wkwkwkwk


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